De Blasio’s slur against NYPD imperils us all

Posted by on Dec 05, 2014 at 8:29 am
Bill de Blasio

Determined not to let a crisis go to waste, the mayor has spent the last two days cranking up the volume and the vitriol of his anti-cop agenda. Predictably, he trots out his son, Dante, to put a personal spin on police-black relations, saying he is fearful the biracial teen will end up in a confrontation with a cop.

Imagine that. The city is in turmoil over the Staten Island case and the mayor throws gasoline on the fire by painting the entire police force as a bunch of white racist brutes. Has he no shame?

He certainly has no facts. In addition to the not-so-minor detail that the police force is now an impressive mix of races and ethnic groups, crime statistics leave no doubt that any harm to befall Dante de Blasio likely would come from another nonwhite, non-cop male. Those stats show that, year in, year out, about 90 percent of homicides involve a nonwhite man killing another nonwhite man.

That is the most compelling fact of murder, yet it’s the one de Blasio and his fellow travelers on the loony left never mention. To do so would require them to acknowledge the disproportionate levels of hideous violence that continue to ravage innocent people in black and Latino neighborhoods.

The mayor and his ilk don’t have the courage to confront that heartbreaking crisis, so they take the easy and ideologically convenient course of attacking cops, as though they committed the 330 murders in the city last year.

“We need a mayor to stand up with and for us,” police- union head Pat Lynch said yesterday. He said his members feel as if de Blasio is “throwing them under the bus.”

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One Response to “De Blasio’s slur against NYPD imperils us all”

  1. V the K on 5/05/14 at 8:34 am

    Maybe the cops should just pull out of minority neighborhoods completely. Then all the Trayvons and Mike Browns in the world can go about their business unhampered by police interference.