DARREN WILSON NOT INDICTED: Grand jury did right by focusing on evidence, not racial rhetoric

Posted by on Nov 25, 2014 at 8:28 am

The grand jury in St. Louis County showed its unique role in America.

The jury showed its magnificence in standing between the mobs that demand revenge for a horrible death of an unarmed black teen who stood at the end of a white cop’s pistol — and an unsteady and uncertain prosecutor who decided to trust the grand jury with the decision as to whether to charge Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot Michael Brown .

From the angle of race relations and the law, trust is necessary and earned, not assumed. This grand jury earned its stripes, laboriously, having taken its time to focus on evidence, and ignoring racial rhetoric.

The jurors did their civic duty the old-fashioned way — they studied the evidence and applied the law to the conduct of the cop, as to whether he acted reasonably and lawfully in the circumstances he encountered Brown.

The grand jury in quarters of sanity will be heralded; they did the right thing.

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