Dallas News Editorial: It’s Good to See Abortion Barbie Take Responsibility for Her Story or Something

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 at 12:47 pm

Taking responsibility? Huh? All she’s doing is playing the victim and shoving her foot in her mouth. Responsibility? Are you people serious?

The fuller picture is far more complicated and less useful as a political narrative. Still, it was good to see Davis, a state senator from Fort Worth, take responsibility for the need to “be more focused on the detail” of her story.

After publication of Slater’s report in The News, the Davis campaign cranked out an 11-point “early biography” to set the record straight on the Fort Worth state senator’s past. That’s an oddly defensive posture for a statewide campaign at this juncture, raising the question of whether Davis and her inner circle were ready for the level of scrutiny guaranteed by a run for governor.

The Davis campaign also took a swipe at her likely GOP opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott, who accused Davis of deceiving the public for years about her background. Davis responded by accusing Abbott of attacking “the personal story of my life as a single mother who worked hard to get ahead.”

No, that’s not what Abbott did. No one is disputing that Davis worked hard for years and overcame obstacles that few people manage to overcome — single mothers especially. Davis deserves credit for that. And she’s right that a single mother’s story of struggle is one that millions of women can identify with.

Regardless of their demographic, Texans want candidates for major office to be ready to step away from the window dressing and present their unvarnished selves to voters.

Good luck getting any Democrat to present their unvarnished selves. They need to lie in order to dupe the voters. Does this look like someone taking responsibility?

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