‘Critical’ Member of Obama Team Flees Sinking Ship

Posted by on Dec 08, 2014 at 9:07 am

Critical, as in he’s the one feeding Obama.

President Obama’s personal chef and the head of the first lady’s childhood nutrition campaign will depart the White House at the end of December.

Sam Kass, a 34-year-old Chicagoan who became Obama’s personal chef when the president was an Illinois senator, told The Wall Street Journal his departure was prompted by his marriage earlier this year to MSNBC host Alex Wagner, who is based in New York.

“I love this family and believe in the work that we’re doing and the mission of the president and the first lady. But after being recently married, I have to put our future first,” Kass told the paper.

Kass said he expected to take some time off, and then give speeches and continue his work on healthy eating in the private sector. Kass is also expected to remain active in the first lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

White House officials did not immediately confirm the departure, but in a statement provided to the Journal, President Obama hailed Kass as having “grown from a close friend to a critical member of my team.”

Somehow we imagine Obama will soldier on.

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