Crackpot Lefty Naomi Wolf Questions Authenticity of ISIS Beheadings

Posted by on Oct 06, 2014 at 7:46 am

How batshit crazy is this woman? Well, even the hapless Ezra Klein is questioning her sanity.  Long a fan of crackpot conspiracy theories, the unhinged feminist author has really gone over the deep end now by wondering whether the ISIS beheadings are legitimate.

Author Naomi Wolf has been accused of being ‘disrespectful’ after suggesting footage of hostages being beheaded by ISIS militants isn’t real.

The 51-year-old American writer made a series of controversial statements questioning the authenticity of the footage in a number of messages on her Facebook page.

The initial post in which the feminist activist questions where the terror group are ‘getting all these folks from’ was deleted.

In another post, she also said that the Obama administration was sending troops to West Africa to confront the Ebola outbreak so they could return with the deadly infection – justifying a military takeover of Africa.

Social media users quickly rounded on her with some suggesting her theories were ‘crazy’ while others said her views were ‘harmful’ and had disrespected the victims’ families.

A video released on Friday appeared to show British hostage Alan Henning being beheaded by Jihadi John.

She also takes issue with the New York Times.

‘The NYT (New York Times) yesterday ran a depressingly sloppy editorial claiming that all the ISIS beheading videos must be real because ‘there are so many of them on youtube’.

‘THAT’s journalism? They also called ISIS ‘evil’ many times – which is not langauge of a news analysis, it is a theological category for some faiths and a Global War on Terror talking point… this may all be true but it takes five people to stage an event like this – two to be ‘parents’ – two to pose for the cameras… one in a ninja outfit… and one to contact the media that does not bother checking who ANY of these four other people are…’

Put the crackpipe down, sister. Who knows, maybe she’s a convert:

Clebrating Yom Kippur with her Muslim family? Huh?

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2 Responses to “Crackpot Lefty Naomi Wolf Questions Authenticity of ISIS Beheadings”

  1. Cindy on 6/06/14 at 12:59 pm

    She is crazier than she appears at first blush. Go to her website and read her missive about the Yale professor who put his hand on her thigh…She has been nursing pain and suffering from that event for 20+ years!