Couple Spends Months Trying to Sign Up for ObamaCare, Paying Massive Premium, Still Don’t Have ID Cards; ABC News Declares It a ‘Victory’

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Welcome to your first ObamaCare propaganda puff piece of 2014. Picking up where we left off, in other words. This story reads like a horror movie, yet amazingly the word victory made it into the headline. Yes, really.

Obtaining that coverage was an aggravating process.  Maxine, a part-time worker at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, first saw her existing insurance plan cancelled earlier this year because it didn’t comply with the Affordable Care Act.  Then, when she turned to the government website to shop for an alternative, she faced technical glitches at every turn.

After nearly 80 hours online and more than a dozen hours on the phone, an enrollment application that never made it to the insurer, and a stinging case of premium sticker-shock, Baumgartner says the first payment to Anthem of Indiana is finally in the mail.

“If you really have to have the insurance, and it appears that the government is telling you that you’re going to, then just hang in there because it can’t get any worse,” Ted Baumgartner said.

The Baumgartners are among the millions of Americans who are for the first time receiving government help to pay the bill.  Their $699 monthly premium for a mid-tier “silver plan” was offset by a $595 a month tax subsidy, leaving a balance of just $104 out of pocket.

They’ll believe that when they see it. Which they probably never will.

That amount is still about four times what they paid last year for coverage, Baumgartner said, but the new plan is loaded with added benefits. Of those, however, Ted Baumgartner has a mixed view.

“Some of the free preventive care would probably help some. But a 62-year-old woman doesn’t need maternity. She doesn’t need abortion,” he said.

There is also concern that visits to Maxine Baumgartner’s regular physician might not be covered under the new policy. Details of the provider network have yet to arrive in the mail.

Baumgartner is also still waiting for an insurance card, that critical piece of information needed to access care in the New Year.

So they spent a minimum of 92 hours trying to obtain coverage, are forking over a $699 premium for unnecessary coverage, still don’t have an insurance card and don’t know the details of their provider network. But it’s loaded with new benefits!

If this qualifies as a victory, we dread to see what a loser is going through.

In case ABC News tries to memory hole that headline, here it is:


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One Response to “Couple Spends Months Trying to Sign Up for ObamaCare, Paying Massive Premium, Still Don’t Have ID Cards; ABC News Declares It a ‘Victory’”

  1. Grump on 1/01/14 at 6:54 pm

    From the photo, this couple is from IN, but in Miami getting healthcare. And that small part makes a lot more sense than the rest of the article.

    I don’t think anything about this story is real, and would be really interested in knowing how this couple in particular got the attention of ABC.