Cost-Conscious Obama Travels to Belgium With 900-Member Entourage

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 at 7:49 am

While his wife is busy reminding the Chinese how awful she’s had it living in such a mean country, the president is traveling to Belgium today with a scaled-back entourage of, er, 900 people, 45 vehicles and three cargo planes. The Belgians are just thrilled.

As Belgium’s capital and host to the EU and Nato, Brussels is used to deploying heavy security when big names pop by. But US PresidentBarack Obama‘s visit on Tuesday will strain the city like never before with €10m (£8.4m) of Belgian money being spent to cover his 24 hours in the country.

The president will arrive on Tuesday night with a 900-strong entourage, including 45 vehicles and three cargo planes. Advance security teams orchestrating every last detail have combed Brussels already, checking the sewers and the major hospitals, while American military helicopters were last week given the green light for overflights. The city hosts at least four EU summits a year, with each of these gatherings costing €500,000 in extra police, military and transport expenses. “But this time round, you can multiply that figure by 20,” said Brussels mayor, Yvan Mayeur.

They do realize even mentioning this means they’re racist, right?

The city’s four-stage security scale will be raised from two to three during the visit, Obama’s first to the country. A tight cordon will surround The Hotel, the 27-storey former Hilton in the Toison d’Or shopping district where the president will spend the night.

We just hope they have ESPN so he can stay up to speed on the important things.

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6 Responses to “Cost-Conscious Obama Travels to Belgium With 900-Member Entourage”

  1. runningrn on 25/25/14 at 9:56 am

    I want to know who is in this 900 member entourage. Who are we paying for? So absolutely ghetto. So sick of our Welfare Queen Precedent and FLATUS (First Large Ass of the US).

  2. hatesliberalsdeeply on 25/25/14 at 11:05 am

    Struggling to make ends meet, doing with out,cutting back!! And this “govt” steals from the Hardworking citizens a historic amount in the first quarter of this year under the guise of taxes!! This blatant,brazen abuse by this usurper of the American taxpayer is unprecedented in our nation!! This “govt” could operate on a third of what they steal from the taxpayer!! I don’t blame anyone that refuses to pay this “govt” shakedown money(taxes) until this “govt” becomes responsible to the American taxpayer!!!!

  3. STW on 25/25/14 at 12:37 pm

    I see this as further evidence that no one is really in charge and in command in this white house. I suspect there’s a bit of competition to be considered important enough to accompany the president on trips. With no one saying “no” the bar get set really, really low and 900 people become vital. It’ll be interesting to hear from my daughter, living in Brussels, about the impact this president’s visit.

  4. Let them eat Quiche on 25/25/14 at 2:25 pm

    All the world loves dear leader messiah and he shouldn’t need all this security since he is the one.