Connecticut’s Democrat Governor Enacts Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Prior to Obama Campaign Stop

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 at 7:22 am

Somehow we doubt he’ll face as much scrutiny as Chris Christie.

Connecticut officials have joined counterparts in other states – including New York and New Jersey — in defending and detailing quarantine powers they’ve enacted as a precaution against the Ebola virus.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Public Health Commissioner Dr. Jewel Mullen announced Monday that all people coming to the state after traveling to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea in West Africa will at least face 21 days of mandatory monitoring involving state health officials contacting them daily.

As in New York and New Jersey, a mandatory quarantine may be ordered in some cases.

“We’re going to interview every person that we’re informed is coming to our state after travel from West Africa, and based on those interviews, we’re going to make a determination whether quarantine immediately is required – and we have to quarantine individuals – or active monitoring – that is where someone is responsible for making sure that temperature is being taken once or twice a day for 21 days,” Malloy told WCBS 880 Monday night.

Strangely, we don’t hear any ridicule from Democrats and their media handlers.

There were already people quarantined in Connecticut as of Monday, Malloy said.

Some of those quarantined had isolated themselves voluntarily, others “based on a high level of exposure on their travel or their immigration from West Africa,” Malloy said.

Eight people in Connecticut without any symptoms were quarantined as of Monday night. A ninth person in Darien was removed from quarantine earlier Monday.

Eight people? Why their human rights are being violated!

Just a hunch, but do you suppose Malloy’s stance has anything to do with being in a tough re-election battle?

There are also tight races in some deep blue states: Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Rhode Island. In Connecticut, Democratic incumbent Dannel Malloy faces the same Republican challenger, Thomas Foley, that he defeated four years ago by a razor-thin 0.5 percent margin. This time, the race is equally close (Malloy leads by less than 1 percent in our latest survey) and uncertain (the difference is well within the 4.3 percent margin of error).

Ironically, the part-time president was supposed to campaign with Malloy a couple of weeks ago until he realized how bad his incompetence on Ebola was going over, so he’ll be appearing with him this Sunday. That alone may finish Malloy off. We wonder if Obama might scuttle this trip once he reads about Malloy’s Ebola quarantines?

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One Response to “Connecticut’s Democrat Governor Enacts Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Prior to Obama Campaign Stop”

  1. The Blue Meanie on 28/28/14 at 11:16 am

    Too bad so sad for Chrissy Krispy Crème. Maybe the Dear Leader can give him a hug and XXXXXL presidential leather jacket.
    The bacon is probably all gone now from the hurricane relief fund.
    Comrade Kommissar Malloy has a D after his name and is a comrade in good standing with the historic post racial uniter.