Clueless Kay Hagan: “The CDC and the World Health Organization is certainly giving us great guidance”

Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 at 7:35 am
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Great advice, sure. Like the CDC giving the OK for the Ebola-infected nurse to fly back and forth from Dallas to Cleveland. How’s that great guidance working out, Ms. Hagan?

North Carolina senator Kay Hagan said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is “giving us great guidance” on how to deal with Ebola virus infections here in the United States. The Democrat, who is up for reelection, praised the CDC and the World Health Organization in a Wednesday press conference in Charlotte.

“The CDC and the World Health Organization is certainly giving us great guidance, but we’ve got to make sure the implementation is perfect,” said the first-term senator. Hagan also declined to endorse the policy of temporarily banning passengers from entering the U.S. if they’re traveling from West African countries experiencing the Ebola outbreak.

We’d call her an idiot but that would be insulting to idiots:

Speaking of idiots, the bumbling incompetent in the White House is getting roasted by a newspaper that heartily endorsed back when Hope and Change was a thing.

If only the New York Daily News had taken its own advice in 2008.

Embedding a large photo of the screaming “For God’s Sake, Get a Grip” headline on the front page of the Daily News tomorrow on President Ebola (sorry), Glenn Reynolds writes “It’s Come to This.” But it helps to flash back to the covers the Daily News ran during election week of 2008, to place Thursday’s cover into context. And to a better sense of how absolutely all-in the center-left tabloid (as opposed to the increasingly zany and cult-like New York Times of the Pinch Sulzberger-era at least) went for Obama, to the point where its wealthy publisher claimed he wrote at least one speech for Barry.

The 2008 covers above, just a small example of the daily hagiography pumped out by the MSM back then, reflect a very different, but similarly self-destructive contagion that rapidly enveloped the MSM starting in early 2007. The virus began to subside around mid-2009, when it slowly became obvious that the MSM had sacrificed their credibility to elect a false messiah. But as a dangerous aftereffect to Obama fever, the MSM quickly turned viciously on its readers, in the form of their unceasing racialist attacks on the Tea Party and anyone who dared oppose The One. (There was a taste of this in 2008, when Bill and Hillary Clinton, once and future Democrat stalwarts were similarly tarred as racists by the Democrat operatives with bylines.)

We can only hope the change to a GOP-controlled Senate goes smoothly:


You know, it’s not as if he didn’t have fair warning.


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