Chuck Todd: Obama ‘Nourishes’ Me; Obama Calls Chuck Todd ‘Sad’

Posted by on Nov 30, 2014 at 2:10 pm

Poor NBC lapdog Chuck Todd. One week he’s babbling about Obama nourishing him, the next he gets bitch-slapped.

NBC’s Chuck Todd on Thursday night found a new way to compliment Barack Obama. Politicking host Larry King asked the Meet the Press anchor if he “liked” the President. Todd quickly responded “yes” and added, “I mean, he’s very easy to talk to…You sit there and have these off-the-record sessions with him.”  The journalist enthused, “They’re just very nourishing conversations.”

Nourishing? Earlier in November, the anchor defended the President’s famous contention that “bitter Americans” “cling” to guns and religion. Todd mused that these attacks are simply Obama “observing the way an anthropologist would observe a society.”

Maybe he can nourish himself on this.

The commander in chief doesn’t think much of the man who labeled him “The Stranger.”

Shopping at a Washington, DC, bookstore Saturday, President Obama spotted a copy of “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd’s new book about his presidency.

“Oh, Chuck Todd!” Obama exclaimed. “Let’s see what Chuck has to say here!”

“How is he writing a book already? asked his 16-year-old daughter, Malia. “Sad.”

“He’s just sad,” the president joked in response.

Obama’s off-the-cuff pan was no surprise, considering what Todd thinks of the president.

The book, titled “The Stranger,” blasts Obama as a flip-flopping policymaker whose detached temperament has prevented him from implementing his ideas.

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2 Responses to “Chuck Todd: Obama ‘Nourishes’ Me; Obama Calls Chuck Todd ‘Sad’”

  1. Press Watch on 30/30/14 at 5:25 pm

    Obama is a DOMINATRIX

    The MSM are his submissives and IDIOTS

    It is incredible that keep going back for more

    Just like prostitutes – (like they are)

  2. Blacque Jacques Shellacque on 1/01/14 at 4:28 am

    What happens now is that Todd will simply redouble his efforts to ingratiate himself to the object of his desire. He’d even go so far as to agree to swallow without ever being asked.