Bogus ‘Congressman’ Gets Backstage at Obama Event

Posted by on Oct 03, 2014 at 8:37 am

A bogus congressman on hand to see a bogus president. This would be amusing if we hadn’t seen a recent spate of incompetence from the Secret Service.

An unidentified man posing as a member of Congress made it into a secure area backstage at President Barack Obama’s appearance at a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards dinner in Washington Sept. 27, according to a White House official.

The man entered the backstage area during or just after Obama’s speech at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center as members of Congress gathered there to have their pictures taken with the president, said the official, who asked for anonymity to discuss the incident, which has not previously been made public.

It followed presidential security breaches that included a fence-jumper bursting into the White House on Sept. 19 and an armed ex-convict riding in an elevator with Obama in Atlanta a few days before that. Julia Pierson resigned Oct. 1 as director of the Secret Service amid pressure from members of Congress who had lost faith in her ability to protect the president.

The unidentified man said he was Representative Donald Payne Jr., a Democrat from New Jersey, the official said. One member of the White House staff determined that the man wasn’t Payne, and another asked him to leave, the official said. He did so without incident and wasn’t detained.

He wasn’t detained. Great.

2 Responses to “Bogus ‘Congressman’ Gets Backstage at Obama Event”

  1. Inunnguaq Olsen on 3/03/14 at 10:52 am

    Just as fake and phony as the speech heckler. Let in by handlers for Kabuki theater purposes.
    Dear Leader is very concerned about his security.
    Not so much for the southern border and American citizens.
    He will call for the formation of a loyal Praetorian guard Schutzstaffel-SS for his own protection and they will take an oath to Chicago Jesus and not the constitution.

  2. Yeah on 7/07/14 at 1:14 pm

    Yeah, but if a black woman driving in DC scares some people with her driving, they’ll put as many bullets in that car as possible (with a kid in the back seat, mind you).