Bill Clinton: GOP Wants You Foaming at the Mouth or Something

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 at 7:49 am

Just keep talking, Slick.

Speaking at Sen. Tom Harkin’s (D-Iowa) annual steak fry fundraiser, Clinton said while much had improved in America, one problem still prevailed: “We don’t want to be around anyone that disagrees with us.”

“We’ve got to pull this country together to push this country forward,” he went on to declare.

Whenever a demagogue says we have to pull together that means shut up and get in line.

Speaking directly after Hillary Clinton, the former president’s contrast in style with his wife was stark. He spoke for a shorter time, extemporaneously, and spoke mostly of his time in office and the need for Democrats to vote this fall; she gave a more sweeping speech, from written notes, peppered with joking references to her potential presidential run.

In his speech, Bill Clinton decried Republicans for spending “all their time dissing the president and dumping on the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.”

Because Harry Reid never spends any of his time dumping on people, am I right?

“Half the time they’re not even running against their opponents. They’re trying to get you to check your brain at the door, start foaming at the mouth,” he said. “The last thing they want you to do is think.”

The projection is just too much.

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