Beheaded Long Island Woman Was Local College Professor; Update: Son ID’d

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The story says the woman’s son, believed to be the headchopper and the one who jumped in front of an LIRR train, had a drug problem. No mention of any other possible motives. We’ll just wait for the inevitable YouTube videos of his ranting Allah Akhbar.

A woman’s decapitated body and a man killed by an oncoming train are being investigated as a murder-suicide of a mother and son, a source told Newsday.

Patrick Calabria, vice president of institutional advancement at Farmingdale State College, said Wednesday that the woman killed was longtime language arts professor Patricia Ward — a 28 year faculty member. She worked in the Long Island Educational Opportunities Center on the main campus in Brentwood with secondary students to prepare them for college coursework, he said.

“She was well-liked, well-known and well-respected,” Calabria said. “Her department in particular is having trouble dealing with it. We are providing counseling for faculty and staff. It’s a tough day here. She was very passionate and devoted and loved working with students.”

Nassau County police said they are investigating the link between a woman killed at a Farmingdale apartment building and a man struck by a LIRR train at the nearby train station.

Shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday police received a call to 130 Secatogue Ave., where they found the body of a homicide victim, a woman in her 60s, outside the apartment building at that address, said Det. Michael Bitsko, a police spokesman.

“It was definitely the head separated from the body,” the source said. “The son has a drug problem apparently.”

You know who also had a drug problem? The Canadian jihadi who went on a rampage last week. Just saying.

Update: Thanks to Charles, we have the son’s name.

Nassau County police say they believe Ward was killed by her son, 35-year-old Derek Ward, who had history of psychiatric and drug issues.

He was found dead on the LIRR tracks at Secatogue Avenue after throwing himself in front of a train.

Police say it appears that Patricia Ward was stabbed then dragged down the hallway, then out into the street and beheaded.

No domestic issues had been reported, according to authorities. No motive has been determined, but a knife was recovered at the scene.

A specific psychiatric condition was unspecified, but police say it was “exacerbated due to the death of his paternal grandfather in August 2013.” He has prior arrest record for gun possession and drug possession.

There is no link to terrorism, police said.

Alrighty then.


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