Awful: Evil Koch Brothers Donate $25 Million to United Negro College Fund

Posted by on Jun 08, 2014 at 12:39 pm

What monsters. Do they really believe donating $25 million to the United Negro College Fund will buy them any good will? Don’t you people see the horrible word “Negro”  there?

What other evils will these maniacs unleash on America?

The billionaire industrialist Koch brothers, known best for shepherding big money to conservative causes and candidates, have given a $25 million grant to the United Negro College Fund, the organization announced Friday.

The money will come from Koch Industries Inc. and the Charles Koch Foundation, which are headed by the brothers. Most of the money ($18.5 million) will go toward a scholarship program. The other $6.5 million is provided for general support to historically black colleges and universities and the UNCF, $4 million of which will be set aside for loan assistance.

The UNCF is the nation’s largest minority education group.

Such a highly-publicized gift is unusual for Charles Koch. His foundation routinely gives away lots of money, but typically with little fanfare.

“Increasing well-being by helping people improve their lives has long been our focus,” Charles Koch said in a statement.

Yeah, that and destroying democracy. We’re on to these reprobates. Naturally, readers at the Washington Post are also on to these guys:

It is good that they donate….I just don’t trust their motives.

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7 Responses to “Awful: Evil Koch Brothers Donate $25 Million to United Negro College Fund”

  1. Blake McBain on 8/08/14 at 5:54 pm

    The pure EEEEVIL here is mind-blowing. If this scholarship money isn’t solely pledged for STEM study, then they are for-all-intents-and-purposes hamstringing another generation of children. The cycle is self perpetuating.

  2. Liz on 19/19/14 at 6:33 pm

    Evil? Hardly. What kind of person who has lots of money and has lived almost 8 decades would get wrapped up in politics just to be demonized by the media? I’ll tell you what kind. The kind of person that believes that the world would be a better place with less government interference. The recipients of this scholarship will be bright individuals – the kind that isn’t ‘bought’.