Awesome: Cost of ObamaCare’s Failed Massachusetts Site Now Tops $500 Million

Posted by on May 09, 2014 at 10:14 am

Government efficiency! Remember not too long ago when Obama told us how much money this boondoggle would save? Yeah, about that:

The total cost to implement Obamacare in Massachusetts surpassed a half-billion dollars yesterday, as the Health Connector board agreed to seek an additional $121 million in federal funds to try to rescue the money-hemorrhaging health exchange.

“This is now Massachusetts’ Big Dig I.T. project,” said Joshua Archambault, a health care expert at the Pioneer Institute. “The decision was completely irresponsible to taxpayers, with very little uncertainty we’re going to get the end result that we want.”

The board approved a two-track plan yesterday — invoking an emergency provision to sidestep state procurement laws — to award a no-bid contract to Minnesota-based Optum. The company will, in turn, subcontract with hCentive — which it holds a 24 percent stake in, as the Herald first reported yesterday.

Connector officials insisted the exchange is so broken they had no choice.

“The reality is, this is it,” said Sarah Iselin, the state’s Obamacare czar. “When we look at what we can reasonably do for the fall, this is it. I wish we had more choices, but we don’t. We’re making the best of a really lousy situation.”

Federal taxpayers will be asked to shell out the cost of pursuing a “dual track” of simultaneously implementing software to build a new state exchange and joining the federal as a fallback plan.

You know what would be nice? For people to be held accountable for this. Yes, too much to ask, we know. We’ll have to wait for November.

For taxpayers, Obamacare in Massachusetts has been a more-than-half-billion-dollar blunder. It amounts to: $270 million in federal grants to implement the law, an estimated $120 million through the end of the year to keep some Bay Staters on Commonwealth Care plans, $50 million to pay Optum for easing an application backlog and between $100 million and $145 million for the two-track plan.

And that doesn’t include the cost of temporary Medicaid insurance for Bay Staters, which will be split between the state and feds.

Obviously it’s racist to even ask where all this money has gone and since we have a corrupt Justice Department don’t ever expect any answers.

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