Awesome: 38 Employees Behind Bungled Oregon ObamaCare Exchange to Get Fat Bonuses

Posted by on Jun 25, 2014 at 7:29 am

We strongly encourage Democrats to keep up with this corrupt behavior. The anger and backlash that is building across the nation will completely shock and overwhelm them come November.

Cover Oregon, reeling from heavier-than-expected personnel departures, will pay its remaining employees bonuses worth at least two week’s pay if they remain with the controversy-mired operation through the next nine months.

Thirty-eight employees with skills considered “critical,” will get bonuses worth one to three months’ pay.

Cover Oregon, which was in charge of the state’s disastrous health care exchange development effort, has lost 27 employees since April, said Clyde Hamstreet, interim CEO in a recent letter to the board of directors. Some of those reductions came as a result of layoffs. But many left on their accord as Cover Oregon’s flagship project – the state’s ambitious heath insurance exchange website – became a full-fledged technological and political disaster.

Cover Oregon and its partner state agency, the Oregon Health Authority, spent upwards to $250 million and never produced a fully functional website. The debacle led to intense media scrutiny and withering criticism.

“Many of the employees who voluntarily left Cover Oregon had key skills that are not easily replaced both in IT and in health care laws and regulations,” Hamstreet said in the letter. “We cannot afford to keep losing valuable employees if we are to complete the workload for the remainder of 2014 and the IT transition project.”

Cover Oregon’s in-house exchange has been killed and it has shifted its attention to adopting the federal exchange. To make that happen, Hamstreet decided he needed to sweeten the deal for the organization’s remaining employees.

Hence, the bonus plan. Most of Cover Oregon’s remaining 163 employees will be eligible for a bonus equal to two weeks pay if they stick around through March 15, 2015. Another 21 “core” employees will be eligible for bonuses equal to a month’s pay, 15 will get two months of pay while two will get three months.

They spent over $300 million on this mess and failed to enroll a single person, so sure, let’s award bonuses.

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