Australian Taxpayers on the Hook for $400,000 for Rescuing Climate Clowns From Antarctica

Posted by on Jan 04, 2014 at 12:07 pm

Why on earth aren’t these buffoons forced to pay for their folly?

TAXPAYERS will foot a $400,000 bill for the rescue of a group of climate scientists, tourists and journalists from a stranded Russian research vessel – an operation that has blown the contingency budget of Australia’s Antarctic program and disrupted its scientific work. The Antarctic Division in Hobart said it was revising plans and considering airlifting urgently needed scientific equipment that could not be unloaded from Aurora Australis before the ship was diverted from the Casey base to rescue the novice ice explorers just before Christmas.

Isn’t that swell. Although this report indicates the vessel owners may wind up paying, good luck squeezing the money out of them. Maybe Al Gore should chip in to defray the costs.

The operators of a ship stricken in the southern ocean are facing a multimillion-dollar expense bill, as a third vessel began a rescue attempt five days after the tourist ship became trapped in sea ice.

A group of scientists, explorers and tourists aboard the Akademik Shokalskiy have been stuck about 1500 nautical miles south of Hobart since Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority asked that the Aurora Australis and two other ships, a Chinese and a French ice-breaker, sail to assist the trapped ship.

How much do you want to wager the third ship gets stuck?

Under the Treaty of the Safety of Life at Sea, vessels are required to respond to a distress message, with the costs incurred a matter for the ship owners after the event, the AMSA said.

These can include fuel costs, crew costs and loss of revenue.

Since most of these morons get paid for this nonsense by the public, it’s taxpayers who’ll pay eventually.

More here, via Tim Blair, who’s reveling in the delicious irony. Meanwhile,  an actual scientist isn’t laughing.

In an interview with AFP, Yves Frenot, director of the French Polar Institute, said he had no issue at all with rescuing those aboard the stricken vessel.

But, he said, the trip itself was a “pseudo-scientific expedition” that, because it had run into difficulties, had drained resources from the French, Chinese and Australian scientific missions in Antarctica. “There’s no reason to place Antarctica off-limits and to keep it just for scientists, but this tourism has to be monitored and regulated so that operators can be sure of getting help if need be,” he said.

Even Hitler fails to find this funny:



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  1. Polly on 4/04/14 at 3:09 pm

    Too bad these “climate scientists” didn’t think to invite a “weather scientist” along, who might have reminded them that weather is not climate and advised them that the weather will be cold enough to freeze water. Freeze it very thick. (Even as the climate, er, continues to warm. Good grief! No wonder those climate scientists get confused! Though totally correct. No one can doubt that.)