Australian Police Gun Down Jihadi, Lefties React Predictably

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 at 8:28 am

Let’s see, he stabbed two policemen was carrying a larger knife and an Islamic State flag. Counts as a jihadist to us.

Numan Haider used a small knife to attack an Australian Federal Police officer and a Victorian policeman before he was shot dead with a single shot.

When Mr Haider was searched he was found to be carrying a larger knife and an Islamic State flag.

Police believe the plan was to follow instructions from the international terror group Islamic State and behead the officers, cover the bodies in the flag and then take photos to post via the internet.

He got what he deserved. But to the trembling left, it was an overreaction, or something.

The Liberal Party have a more recent history regarding Muslims, that of using lies (remember children overboard?), quasi-fasicst harassment (the AFP investigating muslim school children in their schools) and their media Att*ck dogs (photographs of “dawn terror raids” rammed down our throats from every front page) to try to paint this countries long standing Muslim community as a threat to this county and our safety.

We reject the notion that Muslims are terrorists and we suggest that the real threat to the majority of Australians (Muslims, workers, the unemployed, women, LGBTI people and so on) is the Abbott government and the ruling elite. 

They do realize the Islamists would happily chop the heads off of LGBTI persons, right? By the way, what does the “I” in that stand for?

Meanwhile, other apologists claim the dead jihadi was quiet and soft-spoken. Yeah, it’s always the quiet ones.

At a Muslim youth camp in Victoria early last year, Abdul Numan Haider attended every lecture, enthusiastically took part in sport and tried his best at camp quizzes. He had to be woken up for dawn prayer but he never complained.

Haider’s cabin mate, Mohammed Ibrahim, spent nine days with him and remembers him as “quiet, very gentle, very softly spoken”. The camp catered for young people of all backgrounds, many from disadvantaged families. The theme last year was “The Prophet”.

That was then, this is reality:

Police said that when they asked Haider to answer some questions about what they called “some concerns” about his recent behaviour – specifically attending a shopping centre with an Islamic State flag and inflammatory social media comments about the AFP and Asio – he had asked to meet them at the Endeavour Hills police station in south-west Melbourne.

Like we said, he got what he had coming.

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3 Responses to “Australian Police Gun Down Jihadi, Lefties React Predictably”

  1. cool arrow on 25/25/14 at 10:27 am

    Who are these lefties to keep this man away from his 72 little boys… oops, I mean virgins?

    They must be Islamophobic.