Another ObamaCare Success Story: “Now we’re part of America – no insurance and no jobs”

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As these idiots make up numbers today pretending they met some mythical figure of enrollees in the ObamaCare scam, real life takes on an entirely different story. Just a couple of examples in a sea of horror stories comes from California.

Rosa Ramirez, 59, said she drove from San Jose for the event, which was sponsored by SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West.

Ramirez is unemployed but used to have private insurance. She said she had been trying unsuccessfully for two months to sign up for coverage online or by phone with Covered California, and had trouble finding a live person to help.

“They scare you. They’re going to fine you,” said Ramirez. “How much are they going to fine me? How much are they going to charge me for insurance? That’s what I need to know.”

They scare you. Isn’t that wonderful in the former land of the free? They. Scare. You.

Kay Roebuck of Alameda waited until the last minute to sign up because she never expected to need to. Roebuck, a licensed vocational nurse studying to be a registered nurse, had a job at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center until late last week.

Roebuck, 49, lost her job benefits and was scrambling to secure coverage.

“Now we’re part of America – no insurance and no jobs,” she said.

But hey, ObamaCare is awesome. All the media will tell you so today, not even bothering to question the propaganda flowing from the administration.

Let’s call them what they are:

Go check Grenell’s timeline today. He’s on a roll:


For six months they can’t give you an honest answer about anything, but voila(!), today it’s the magical seven million:

The media is a disgrace, but you all knew that already. Even with these fantasy figures they’re coming up with, where will the media be when people start dropping out of coverage because they can’t afford this mess? Amusingly, the same story with the women from California who could not get through to Covered California ends comically with this:

For more information, call Covered California at (800) 300-1506 or visit the agency’s website at

Such helpful lapdogs.

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