After Being Arrested, Moronic NYC Protester Returns to Get His Fanny Pack, Gets Busted for Another Assault on Cop

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No, he wasn’t arrested for carrying a fanny pack, although that alone should be subject to harsh punishment. This blithering idiot was busted last week for sucker-punching a cop during “mostly peaceful” protests over the Eric Garner case. What police realized later after releasing him for the first offense was he was caught on video for an earlier assault on another NYPD officer. Now he’s facing multiple charges.

Point and laugh at this douchebag.

He wanted to claim his fanny pack — but cops tossed his butt in jail!

An air-head protester was busted for sucker-punching a cop after he waltzed in to a police station to claim his fanny pack— and got slapped with assault charges, police sources said.

Yotemeli Sayer, 22, allegedly punched a sergeant at a rally to protest the Eric Garner verdict at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal 8 p.m. on Dec. 4 — before fleeing the scene, police sources said.

An hour and half later, he assaulted another cop at a protest on 14th Street near 8th Avenue and was arrested, police sources said.

Cops  confiscated his fanny pack before tossing him in a holding cell.

Buy when he returned on Tuesday to pick it up at One Police Plaza, officers busted him for the first assault, police sources said.

Officers used video footage of protests posted on social media to determine Sayer had roughed up two cops at two different protests on the same day, police sources said.

Wonder what was so important in his fanny pack that he thought it was a good idea to return to claim it. Anyway, he’s screwed.

Sayer was charged with two counts of assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, and rioting, police said.

Interestingly there’s zero Internet trail to this clown outside of this story. The NYPD may want to make sure they know who he really is.

The incident occurs about halfway through this clip:

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