Afghan Witnesses to Bergdahl Desertion Say He Was ‘Deliberately Heading for Taliban Strongholds’

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Great job of vetting this story at the White House. Guess they didn’t even bother.

Among the most tantalizing mysteries surrounding Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s departure from his U.S. military base in 2009 is this: Was he trying to find the Taliban? Or did he simply wander away and get captured? Politicians and members of the military have criticized the Obama administration’s decision to swap five jailed Taliban leaders for Bergdahl, saying the soldier may have deserted.

Until now, few details have emerged about the circumstances of Bergdahl’s disappearance from his base. But The Washington Post has reached Afghan villagers who spotted Bergdahl shortly after he slipped away from his base. To them, it’s clear something was wrong with the American. And he seemed to be deliberately heading for Taliban strongholds, they say.

“It was very confusing to us. Why would he leave the base?” said Jamal, an elder in the village of Yusef Khel, about a half-mile from the American military installation. (Like many Afghans, he goes by only one name). “The people thought it was a covert agenda – maybe he was sent to the village by the U.S.”

Locals remember Bergdahl walking through the village in a haze. They later told Afghan investigators that they had warned the American that he was heading into a dangerous area.

They tried to tell him not to go there, that it is dangerous. But he kept going over the mountain. The villagers tried to give him water and bread, but he didn’t take it,” said Ibrahim Manikhel, the district’s intelligence chief.

“We think he probably was high after smoking hashish,” Manikhel said. “Why would an American want to find the Taliban?”

To provide them aid and comfort, apparently. Anyway, we now see the Washington Post has joined the racist conspiracy to undermine Emperor Obama, as CNN clearly has:

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One Response to “Afghan Witnesses to Bergdahl Desertion Say He Was ‘Deliberately Heading for Taliban Strongholds’”

  1. Redwine on 5/05/14 at 2:57 am

    If he deliberately went over to the side of the enemy, then that makes him a defector, not a deserter. This a far greater crime.