Actual News Headline: ‘Have race relations improved during Obama’s presidency?’

Posted by on Dec 02, 2014 at 7:39 am
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If you have to ask, the answer is no.  Are these media buffoons so out of touch that they can witness Obama being used like a puppet by racist scumbags such as Al Sharpton and not realize race relations have been irreparably damaged during his disastrous presidency?

When President Obama was elected as the nation’s first black president six years ago, many hoped his election would mark a new day for the country on race.

But on the heels of the events in Ferguson, Mo., beginning earlier this summer and carrying into last week’s rioting and looting, some wonder whether the country has made much progress on easing racial tensions.

The criticism is coming both from people who think Obama should speak out more on behalf of African-Americans and those who see him as too often taking positions based on race.

“What he’s failed to do consistently is express the anger and frustration of a very important constituency of his own to not just cultural misunderstandings, but to structural oppression,” said Jason Johnson, a professor of political science at Hiram College who faulted Obama for taking a middle of the road approach on issues of race.

But to possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson, who is black, race relations were better before Obama’s election. “I think that things have gotten worse because of his unusual emphasis on race,” Carson said last week on the conservative “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

At the White House on Monday, Obama sought to play the mediator in chief on tensions related to a Missouri grand jury’s decision to not indict a white police officer in the shooting last summer of an unarmed black teenager. Obama met with law enforcement officials and black leaders, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, to discuss how to “strengthen neighborhoods.”

Mediator in chief? You cannot be serious. This is the same clown who send a delegation to the Mike Brown funeral. Would he have sent one to Darren Wilson’s funeral had Brown killed him? Of course not.

Meanwhile, Obama’s solution to a problem he created is to throw more money at it, of course.

Obama is proposing a three-year, $263 million spending package to increase use of body-worn cameras, expand training for law enforcement and add more resources for police department reform. The package includes $75 million for the small, lapel-mounted cameras to record police on the job.

The White House has said the cameras could help bridge deep mistrust between law enforcement and the public. It also potentially could help resolve the type of disputes between police and witnesses that arose in the Ferguson shooting.

So who picks up the tab for this? We do, of course. And who picks up the tab after those three years? We do, along with state and local law enforcement agencies. Now while it seems to be a logical idea for police to have body cams, let’s suppose Darren Wilson has worn one back on August 9. You can guarantee we’d be hearing conspiratorial accusations that his videotaped encounter with Brown was altered or edited in some way. Actual video of the event would be dismissed and we’d still witness days of rioting, followed by an Obama-Sharpton clown show calling for racial healing.

These agitators will never stop, and the country sent a pretty clear message in the midterms that we’re fed up with this nonsense. Don’t expect things to change between now and 2016.

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2 Responses to “Actual News Headline: ‘Have race relations improved during Obama’s presidency?’”

  1. Dr. Manbube on 2/02/14 at 9:46 am

    Why not organize a “Racist Week”?

    If you purchase something, first ask if there are any people who are not of your race working for the company. If there are, refuse to purchase.

    It should only take a week.

    Maybe then people will realize how not-racist people really are.

    I think “Racist Week” would fit nicely between Black Friday and Senseless Purchase Saturday.

  2. jukin on 2/02/14 at 11:15 am

    Complete detachment from reality is the only explanation for thinking that a black community agitator would help race relations. This man did nothing but ferment black rage to extort money for himself from guilty whites. The only product of Obama’s work has been destruction. Look at what he did to, not for, the south side of Chicago.