23 Americans Reported Dead in Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Jet, Obama Reacts Harshly By Ordering the Pit Burger

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 at 2:00 pm

The horrific events over Ukraine are getting worse by the minute.

A Malaysian airliner cruising at 33,000 feet over the Ukraine was shot down on Thursday — killing all 295 aboard, including 23 Americans — and the government blamed pro-Russian Ukrainian militants.

The Boeing 777 headed from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed near the Russian border about 4:30 p.m. local time after it was shot down by a Russian rocket, an adviser to Ukraine’s Interior Minister said.

The adviser, Anton Gerashenko, said on his Facebook page the plane was hit by a missile fired from a Russian-made Buk rocket launcher.

As they say, why let a crisis go to waste:

Does Mooch know about this?

We hear he likes his dog rare.

Twenty-three dead Americans? Pfft.

President Obama has plenty of influential folks from Delaware working for him, including Vice President Biden and White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer. So it’s no surprise the president decided to stop off at the Charcoal Pit, a legendary restaurant just north of Wilmington, Del. on Thursday.

Known for its burgers and sundaes. Obama shook hands and mingled with many of the diners, stopping at one point to pick up seven-month old Jaidyn Oates, and pose for a photo. He invoked Biden’s name multiple times, noting to some diners, “Me and Joe, we share shakes all the time,” and to others, “Biden told me the burgers are pretty good.”

Notice he starts his sentences with Me.

Update: Ouch:

Update: Finished with his photo op and Pit Burger, the so-called Commander-in-Chief issued a strongly-worded condemnation. Just kidding:

It’s going to be a busy day dealing with this international crisis, so it’s off to some fundraisers, of course:

President Barack Obama is traveling to New York City Thursday for two campaign fundraising events during a national transportation tour.

He is scheduled to attend one event for the Democratic Party and another for the House Majority PAC, which tries to help Democrats win House seats. They are being held at separate private homes in Manhattan and are closed to media coverage.

Obama will spend about five hours in the city, arriving at Kennedy airport at 4 p.m., then heading to the fundraisers. He will return to the White House just after 9 p.m.

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6 Responses to “23 Americans Reported Dead in Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Jet, Obama Reacts Harshly By Ordering the Pit Burger”

  1. mike191 on 17/17/14 at 3:54 pm

    Rockwell: President 45 is wearing a tie, no food has spilled ,and most importantly, he has his hamburger with out his hectoring wife. As to being the chief Executive of our Nation-your post sums up this pathogen.

  2. Morganne on 17/17/14 at 4:32 pm

    Putin may be a massive d1ckhe@d but he said it. He called us out. America is just a bully like give me your lunch money (sanctions). He ain’t scared. He’s probably rofling all over the place. And now we Americans are all bark and no bite. Obama might as well invite attacks on Americans abroad as well as at home. His actions couldn’t scream any more that he does not care for the well being of American citizens. Thank you for your consideration and apathy Obama. Real great stuff. Oh! And thanks for basically granting Monsanto immunity. You know, the company in control of almost every crop Americans eat from? That crap you try to tell us is food and has been making me and people I know sick? You know, that food that you said Americans are “too ignorant to have labeled” yet all of Europe has theirs labeled? Are you saying we are more stupid than Europe? Is this why you think that Americans won’t get p issed off at you for eating burgers and shaking (rather fist pounding) hands when you should be calling for a moment of silence from this act of terror followed by some sort of action?

  3. creeper on 18/18/14 at 10:47 am

    You need to stop reporting this. So far there has been NO official confirmation of ANY Americans aboard MH17.

  4. Bubblechaser on 18/18/14 at 12:08 pm

    Really need to check the passenger manifest before you comment, it has been released, info on who is from what country.

  5. TripleD3 on 19/19/14 at 6:46 pm

    I see you’ve corrected all the false statements made. Oh, never mind you folks never correct any of the lies you spew out.

    Oh, by the way, Obama also talked to Putin about the new sanctions against Russia he announced that day and discussed the crash as well as give an update to the US and the press.

    And, what else would you have him do?