Monthly Archives: January 2014

Chris Christie denies new bridge scandal allegations

“Mr. Wildstein’s lawyer confirms what the Governor has said all along — he had absolutely no prior knowledge of the lane closures before they happened and whatever Mr. Wildstein’s motivations were for closing them to begin with. As the Governor … Continued

On Immigration, What Are the Republicans Thinking?

Activists on the beach in Cancun.

In the course of my musings on Twitter, AmishDude suggested that the real motive here is that the GOP leadership is actually concerned about the implications of a landslide.  Of all the suggestions put out there, this seems to make … Continued

Ape Forecasts Seahawks Super Bowl Win


Since we couldn’t find an ugly enough ape, we went with the best possible match. A Utah ape that has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner for six straight years predicted Thursday that the Seattle Seahawks will be the next … Continued

Queen Mooch Shakes Down Hollywood Democrats: “I’m serious, write a big fat check. Write the biggest check you can possibly write”


Fresh off her lavish, nearly month-long Hawaiian vacation and egregiously excessive taxpayer-funded birthday party, Obama’s other half trekked cross country on the taxpayer dime to headline a star-studded Hollywood fundraiser Wednesday night to shake down beleaguered Democrats. Her pitch was … Continued