Why the Big Hurry? U.S. Officials ID ‘Extremist’ Groups Responsible for Benghazi as Terrorists Celebrate Anniversary With Car Bombing

Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 at 10:39 am

Gee, it’s only been a year since Obama and Hillary left our men to die in Benghazi and now they’re identifying some so-called extremists responsible? Wait, wasn’t it a YouTube video?

U.S. counterterrorism officials have determined that several extremist groups, including Ansar al-Sharia, took part in last year’s attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed a U.S. ambassador and three other officials. They think the terrorist organizations selected the U.S. diplomatic outpost there as a potential target ahead of time.

The officials have identified numerous people involved — some new to U.S. intelligence and others who are well-known — and have issued several sealed indictments in recent months.

But nobody has ever been arrested, let alone questioned. The families of the victims would like some answers after a year of lying and stonewalling.

“When I was there in Washington, when this first started, the FBI had me in a room to tell me what they were doing,” Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, one of the Americans killed in the terror attacks, told Fox News.

Smith says President Obama, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the FBI promised her that finding out who killed her son Sean, an information specialist working in Benghazi, would be a top priority.

But it’s a commitment Smith says the president hasn’t kept.

“The government is not doing what they should do,” she said. “Everybody knows this. They lie to you. They tell you what they want you to know. It may or may not be correct. And in my case, it’s always been lies.”

Obama and Clinton may not like this, but the truth will eventually come out and their legacies will be ruined forever. It’s only deserving.

Meanwhile, celebrations are under way in Benghazi.

A car bomb exploded outside a Foreign Ministry building in the Libyan city of Benghazi Wednesday, state media said, on the anniversary of an assault on the U.S. Consulate there that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

The blast did not cause any casualties but blew away large parts of the building’s facade, said Col. Abdullah Al Zaydi, spokesman for the Joint Security Task Force in Benghazi, according to Libya’s state news agency, LANA.

Zaydi said the explosion was very powerful and destroyed the vehicle used for the bombing, which contained a large quantity of explosives, the news agency said.

The blast also damaged a branch of the Central Bank of Libya and slightly injured one of its security guards, the bank said.

But don’t worry, we’re on the job.

In recent days, scores of U.S. Marines were moved closer to Libya to help beef up security before of the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States and the first anniversary of the attack on the Benghazi consulate.

Two U.S. officials told CNN on Monday that 250 combat-ready Marines had moved from their base in Moron, Spain, to the U.S. naval installation at Sigonella, Italy. That would enable them to reach Tripoli in three to four hours in the event of a crisis.

Only three to four hours away? Comforting. Well, they were also available last year, but Obama was busy prepping for his Vegas fundraiser and Mrs. Clinton was busy cooking up the YouTube story. That sure ended well, huh?


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  1. Rich B on 12/12/13 at 1:50 am

    This is kind of like identifying Adolph Hitler in June 1945 as the cause of WWII. Just a bit late Omama – isn’t it?

    But to plagiarize Hitlery Clinton “what difference does it make”?

    Boy oh boy! I feel safer already now I know that the State Dept and the Omama people are on top of things. Guess I won’t have to wake up screaming anymore.