Why Is a Canadian Company Running ObamaCare Exchanges?

Posted by on Oct 01, 2013 at 8:00 am

No offense intended to our neighbors to the north, but isn’t there an American company capable of implementing the ObamaCare trainwreck? Is this something where Obama can simply blame the Canadians when the whole thing crashes and burns?

Whatever the case, it isn’t quite working smoothly just yet.

Techies employed by the CGI Group in Herndon, Va., have been “putting in late hours” for days, trying to ensure that ObamaCare Web sites across the country will work properly when the controversial program’s online exchanges open Tuesday, one contractor said.

Employees with the CGI Group in Herndon, Va. have been fixing software glitches that could pose problems for healthcare customers.

“There’s lots of bugs,” the contractor said.

The “biggest problem” is with a program that calculates the tax credits that will reduce the cost of ObamaCare to lower-income Americans and their families, the source said.

If the problem isn’t fixed, some people could get bad information about the cost of their government-mandated health insurance — and get socked with monthly premiums far higher than they expect.

“It might be nightmare,” said one programmer familiar with the problem.

“We’ll hope for the best.”

Dozens of pizzas, sandwiches and kabobs arrived Monday afternoon at CGI’s ObamaCare nerve center to keep the workers nourished as they attempted to iron out the wrinkles.

One source said people toiled at their terminals in the high-tech war room until 2 a.m. Monday, and they were expected to work to at least that hour Tuesday morning.

The company’s offices are located in a three-story, glass-and-concrete building in a corporate park about 25 miles west of Washington.

CGI, a huge information-technology company headquartered in Montreal, has a five-year contract worth an estimated $93 million-plus to develop ObamaCare software for the American government.

Ironically, Canadians used to flock to the United States for medical procedures that they would have to wait months for in Canada. Wonder where they’ll be going now?



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