Who’s Up For Another State Department Scandal?

Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 at 7:03 am

Another day, another Hillary Clinton coverup. But hey, she’s allegedly on Twitter now so maybe we can ask her some questions.

A top State Department official stymied investigators trying to get to the bottom of four killings in Honduras involving DEA agents and local police — yet another revelation from internal memos leaked by a whistleblower claiming a pattern of coverups.

Four dead people? Hmm. Sounds familiar.

The incident ended in the deaths of two pregnant women and two men last year, after Honduran national police opened fire from a State Department-owned helicopter on a small boat.

Honduran police said drugs were involved, but locals said the boat was full of fishermen. The killings were referenced in a whistleblower memo obtained by The Post.

Two Drug Enforcement Administration agents were involved, an agency spokeswoman said, and they were accompanied by Honduran national police on two State helicopters with contractors as pilots.

According to an internal 2012 document, the DEA agents were under the authority of the State Department chief of mission in Honduras, funded by a counternarcotics program, and were “subject to investigation” by State investigators.

But when those inquiries began, “despite requests by the US ambassador to Honduras and congressional pressure, DEA reportedly [was] not cooperating.”

The memo says an agent interviewed William Brownfield, the assistant secretary for international narcotics and law-enforcement affairs, “who reportedly was not forthcoming and gave the impression” that State “should not pursue the investigation.”

DEA spokeswoman Dawn Dearden said no US investigation had occurred because “DEA never fired a single round.”

Aurelia Fedenisn, a State Department inspector general investigator who turned whistleblower, is already accusing higher-ups of squelching findings from an investigative report that members of then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s security detail and the US ambassador to Belgium allegedly solicited hookers.

Naturally, Clinton’s minions were offended by such accusations. How dare anyone ever question them!

Howard Gutman, the ambassador, said yesterday he was “angered and saddened by the baseless allegations.” And State official Patrick Kennedy said he had “never once interfered” in any investigation.

Oh, really?

Foggy Bottom’s under secretary of state for management is under scrutiny once again. Kennedy’s name has surfaced in news reports about an alleged State Department cover up of an ambassador who’s accused of soliciting prostitutes. The reports come just two weeks after House investigators hit Kennedy with a subpoena for his role in the drafting of Benghazi talking points. Kennedy’s role in this latest snafu is unclear. But a State Department official tells The Cable that Kennedy, who was been pilloried by House lawmakers since October, was not deeply involved.

Meanwhile, about Her Thighness’s cheesy Twitter stunt:

Did you hear the big news? Hillary’s on Twitter. Yep, she went live at noon Monday, making jokes about her hair and pantsuits and, according to one breathless report, “fueling speculation” that she’ll run for president by saying her future job is “TBD”— to be determined.

Bill and Chelsea chipped in, too. OMG, stop the presses!

There was another bit of breaking Clinton news that same day, but nothing nearly as important.

It seems there were some hooker scandals at the State Department during her watch, and that one of our ambassadors also has a sick fondness for other people’s children.

But all the investigations got quashed by higher-ups, according to an agency report, so it’s almost like they never happened.

In fact, as far as most of the news media are concerned, they never did happen.

The timing of the two news developments could be an amazing coincidence, or you could remember Rule No. 1 about the Clintons: There are no coincidences.

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  1. Faceless Commenter on 12/12/13 at 12:57 pm

    Hillary’s on Twitter? Does she know what a hashtag is? It’s like when you say #SecretarySniperFire.