Who’s That Guy John Kerry Is Dining With? Oh, It’s The New Hitler

Posted by on Sep 02, 2013 at 11:35 am

Why they look so happy together. Remember back before the Syrian civil war the left just loved Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

This astonishing photograph shows U.S Secretary of State John Kerry having a cosy and intimate dinner with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Kerry – who compared Assad to Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein yesterday – is pictured around a small table with his wife and the Assads in 2009.

Assad and Kerry – who was then a senator for Massachusetts – lean in towards each other and appear deep in conversation as their wives look on. 

A waiter is pictured at their side with a tray of green drinks – which are believed to be lemon and crushed mint.

The picture is believed to have been taken in February 2009 in the Naranj restaurant in Damascus when Kerry led a delegation to Syria to discuss ideas and talk about the way forward for peace in the region.

Despite President Barack Obama taking a step back from his threat to launch an attack by putting  a vote in Congress, his Secretary of State has been outspoken about the dangers posed by the Syrian regime.

Good times. Remember who else also had the hots for The New Hitler?





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