“What we’ve got is an emboldened criminal element because they know people in Chicago aren’t protected”

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 at 7:39 am

As the anti-Second Amendment onslaught shifts into high gear, much of the media ignores stories like this where law-abiding citizens are left at the mercy of the marauders while the Obamas of the world preen for the cameras.

Illinois — where politicians force law-abiding citizens to bring a bat to a gunfight.

An amazing video released Wednesday that shows a Chicago shopkeeper fighting for his life should be a commercial for Second Amendment rights in this, the only state that doesn’t allow citizens to carry a concealed handgun for protection.

The video, posted by the Tribune’s Breaking News Center, shows in vivid and frightening detail how armed thugs robbed a gift and sports store Tuesday in the Logan Square neighborhood.

You can see the gunman demand the money. You see the store owner’s brother-in-law with a gun to his head. You see the shots being fired, and the bat wielded by a wounded and desperate Luis Quizhpe, the 62-year-old proprietor who fought for his life.

“This video really shook me up, seeing that poor man fight for his life,” said Valinda Rowe, a spokesman for the Illinois Carry gun-rights group. A federal court has ruled that Illinois must rewrite its law to allow some sort of concealed carry, but Chicago Democrats in Springfield are trying to make that all but impossible.

Yet nobody will see the video. You can be sure the champions of disarmament at CNN and MSNBC won’t be showing. No sirree. Doesn’t help advance the anti-gun nut agenda. These folks don’t give a rat’s ass about your safety. All it is to them is a power grab and a means to beat up on the NRA.

“There are situations in the city where law-abiding people are at the mercy of thugs,” she said. “And the legislators from Chicago are trying to stop folks from protecting themselves: What are they thinking?

“All this gentleman had is a baseball bat. He’s totally at their mercy. What we’ve got is an emboldened criminal element because they know people in Chicago aren’t protected.”

And come election season these same folks are out on the streets working for the community organizers to get out the vote. Meanwhile this business owner, a hardworking immigrant the left pretends to care about, miraculously survived this brutal attack.

If he had been killed, you’d never have seen the video. Homicide detectives would have swooped it up as evidence. It would have been a story that disappeared, another statistic in the city.

Most people still won’t ever see the video. But if it was, say, a gay man or an illegal alien being randomly attacked, it would be shown more than the Rodney King tape. Ironic how this attack occurred the same day the moron governor of Illinois said he couldn’t understand why anyone would want to arm themselves.

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