What Terror Alert? Obama Takes Endless Taxpayer-Funded Campaign Roadshow to Visit Jay Leno

Posted by on Aug 06, 2013 at 8:37 am

Does anyone even care what he has to say any more?

Obama’s trip comes as recent polls show the president losing ground among his own base in the state where Democrats hold a 14-percentage-point voter advantage over the GOP.

A Field Poll released in July showed that Obama’s job performance rating had plummeted 10 points since February, with just 52 percent of California voters approving of his record in office. Obama’s declines were sharpest among some of his most loyal backers, including women, whose support dropped 15 points in that period, and under-40 voters, whose support dropped 14 points.

Political observers say Obama’s visit to Leno’s couch is a familiar move – the comedian’s show has been a favorite of politicians facing heat, including former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Venues like Leno and ESPN are appealing because they allow the president to joke around, talk about regular-guy things and connect with an audience that is much broader than political junkies and policy wonks,” Newman said.

He said Obama’s Chronicle piece “speaks as much to the changing news industry as anything; when he puts something online it ricochets around the Internet,” giving him national exposure for his message.

But Fleischman noted the moves could have drawbacks for Obama.

“The fact is that Jay Leno, in his monologues, is one of the toughest critics of the president,” he said, adding that Obama’s stop there “looks like, in some weird way, a ‘Hail-Mary, I-want-to-be-relevant kind of play.'”

And some voters may be annoyed that the president added a public component to the trip, which means “taxpayers foot the bill for his trip,” Fleischman argued.

“Otherwise, he wouldn’t go to Camp Pendleton, where about 2 percent of the people voted for him,” he said.

Anything to distract the idiots from Benghazi and the IRS, among other scandals. Speaking of Benghazi, this is rather interesting. Of course we’ll never get any answers about that.

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