Weiner’s Brother Jason Grilled Leathers ‘To See If She Was Going To Be a Problem’

Posted by on Jul 26, 2013 at 3:31 pm

Ah, so now we can add harassment and intimidation to the sleazy Anthony Weiner story.

Anthony Weiner’s chef brother turned up the heat on the mayoral wannabe’s secret online paramour just weeks before the sexting pol announced his mayoral bid, according to a longtime confidante of the scorned beauty.

Jason Weiner, who owns Manhattan bistro Almond, reached out to Anthony’s sexting partner, Sydney Leathers, on April 12 — just two days after Weiner’s strategic comeback interview ran in The New York Times Magazine — and grilled her on intentions, Lou Colagiovanni, a Vegas-based political activist, told The Post.

“He was trying to see if she was going to be a problem,” Colagiovanni said. “She said Jason was trying to take her temperature.”

Leathers confessed her illicit six month cyber affair with Weiner to Colagiovanni the same day, he said.

Colagiovanni had known Leathers since 2010, when the Indiana-bred political junkie started working for him as a contact creator for his liberal Facebook site, “We Survived Bush. You’ll Survive Obama (WSBYSO.)” Leathers worked for him until the scandal broke.

“She was scared, and very shaken. She got freaked out,” Colagiovanni said about Jason Weiner’s efforts. “She had never met the brother, and here he was contacting her. She had never spoken with him before. She told me about her affair, and that she thought they were trying to find out who they needed to keep quiet.”

“He was trying to do damage control.”

“My impression was that he was trying to smooth her out, make sure there weren’t going to be any issues. I got the impression that Weiner and his brother were going around trying to find out if there was anyone who needed to be neutralized.”

It was clear, Colagiovanni said, that Jason Weiner was acting as his brother’s wingman, contacting Leathers at Anthony’s request.

“It seemed pretty clear what Weiner was having his brother do. They were figuring out how to protect Weiner. I’m sure they knew there were other women out there.”

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