War on Sick Women: Cancer Patient Blasts Obama Hack for ‘Snotty Tweet’

Posted by on Nov 06, 2013 at 9:22 am

Leave it to these lowlife Obama hacks to attack a bed-ridden cancer patient. It really doesn’t get any lower than this. A sick woman dares to challenge Obama’s lies and this is how she’s treated.

Edie Sundby, the 62 year-old California cancer survivor who made a powerful intervention into the Obamacare controversy with a stinging Wall Street Journal op-ed told MailOnline today blasted the ‘snotty’ tweet by a White house aide that attempted to undermine her moving story.

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer sparked outrage on Monday by tweeting a link to a liberal blog post that claimed Sundby – who passionately described how she suffers under the changes of the Affordable Care Act – only lost her health insurance because of corporate greed.

Pfeiffer operates an ‘official’ White House Twitter feed, meaning that he speaks for the administration whenever he posts messages there.

Sundby said his tweet in response to her touching essay was ‘snotty,’ but then thanked Pfeiffer for pointing her to ‘some information that I was not privy to.’

Sundby, who has battled her cancer since 2007, explained in the op-ed that she is ‘one of the losers’ in the president’s signature health insurance overhaul.

Her existing care has allowed her to outlive doctors’ expectations by more than five years already. The beauty products entrepreneur and yoga devotee hikes daily to keep her body’s defenses up. But her physicians are her first line of defense.

Also rather pathetic is the Obama zombies filling up the comments trashing this woman. Liberals are just detestable human beings.

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