Under Siege From His Latest Scandal, Obama Hits Fundraising Trail

Posted by on May 13, 2013 at 7:51 am
Barack Obama

Anyone notice in the darkest moments of his failed presidency whenever the fecal matter hits the rotary oscillator this buffoon leaves town for fundraisers? On the night four Americans were murdered on his watch in Benghazi, he was sleeping before his trip to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. Now facing intense scrutiny in his IRS scandal, what’s he doing today? Why, heading to Manhattan for yet another fundraising blitz. Oh well, it’s not as if anything important is happening in Washington.

Then, this afternoon, Obama is off to New York City for three fundraisers benefiting the Democratic National Committee as well as the party’s House and Senate campaign committees.

Nothing like Manhattan gridlock during rush hour. But what does he care? He’s got to fight those evil Republicans.

“You may be asking why [Obama] needs to hit the trail and start fund-raising so soon after his successful re-election, and the reason is twofold,” the invite explains.

“Even Republicans concede that part of our victory stemmed from the fact that with no primary opponent . . . our re-elect team used the extra time to build a large campaign operation melding a grass-roots army of 2.2 million volunteers with groundbreaking technology . . . We can’t let them use the next two years to catch up.”

And, “The DNC is the only organization whose sole mission is to support the president and help him pass his agenda, whether that’s gun control or immigration reform. The White House alone doesn’t have the manpower or the resources to withstand the attacks and control the message.”

The DNC is the only group that supports Obama’s agenda? He cannot control the message? Really? If that’s the case, why has gun control and immigration dominated the the news in the past months, even though nobody cares about those issues? One thing you can be assured of is nobody will be asking him about his latest scandal. Even if by chance someone does get a question in about the IRS, you can be assured his response will be along the lines of “I can’t comment about an ongoing investigation” or some such mealy-mouthed nonsense. Meanwhile, even some loyal Democratic donors are withering under Obama fatigue.

And others expressed fund-raiser fatigue: “It is stunning that [Obama] is back here fund-raising. We’d like to see some results for the money we’ve already given. And his impact on the traffic congestion in the city is the perfect example of why we need an infrastructure bill that he’s never put any muscle behind.”

Oh well, when they’re done with Obama they can just all migrate back to Queen Hillary of Rodham, another one who doesn’t take any questions.

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