Tolerance: Liberals Threaten Whole Foods Boycott After CEO Calls ObamaCare Fascism

Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 at 8:22 am

Liberal fascism. Someone ought to write a book about this stuff. These punks really do appreciate First Amendment rights so long as you dare not say a disparaging word about their God King Obama.

Organic supermarket chain Whole Foods is facing a backlash from many of it’s more liberal customers after founder and CEO John Mackey compared Obamacare to ‘fascism’ in a radio interview on Wednesday.

In an interview to promote his new book, Mackey was quizzed about an article he had written in The Wall Street Journal in 2009 that liken Obamacare to socialism.

‘Technically speaking, it’s more like fascism,’ Mackey told NPR. ‘Socialism is where the government owns the means of production. In fascism, the government doesn’t own the means of production but they do control it. And that’s what’s happening with our health care program with these reforms.’

His remarks have sparked an outcry among Whole Foods’ customers. The supermarket chain has a reputation as a mecca for fans of fresh vegetable and organic produce and health food fanatics.

Whole Foods’ Facebook page was quickly bombarded with comments, almost overwhelmingly speaking out against Mackey, with many saying they wouldn’t shop at the store while he remains CEO.

Having alienated a large section of his customer base, Mackey has since issued a statement saying he regretted his ‘poor word choice,’ but remains critical of the president’s health care reform law.

Tolerance: A one-way street for the left. Go along or suffer. We’re dangerously close to government-supported anarchy encouraged by Obama and his army of thugs. They may not like the fight they  pick  when the other side decides to fight back.

One Response to “Tolerance: Liberals Threaten Whole Foods Boycott After CEO Calls ObamaCare Fascism”

  1. Sterling Hallbrook on 18/18/13 at 1:56 pm

    Good. I hope these smug pieces of crap do boycott. Maybe I will go to Whole Foods now provided I don’t have to mingle with the insufferable liberals.