Today Illinois Enters the 21st Century: Last State in USA to Have Concealed Carry Laws

Posted by on Jul 09, 2013 at 3:19 pm

Of course not without a fight. The raving anti-gun nut in the governor’s mansion is fighting tooth and nail in opposition but the court order will take effect today, and even Democrats are vetoing his weak last minute amendment. So, law-abiding citizens of Illinois, today you catch up with the rest of America. You know, it’s almost as if these hacks in Illinois don’t believe in the Second Amendment. Funny, that.

The Illinois House, with no debate, voted 77-31 today to override Gov. Pat Quinn’s changes to a compromise plan to regulate the concealed carrying of firearms in the state.

The state Senate must also vote to override Quinn’s rewrite of the bill for the measure to become law. That vote is expected later today.

The measure got 89 votes in its original House roll call at the end of May. It needed 71 House votes to override Quinn’s amendatory veto.

Illinois is the only state that bans so-called concealed carry — but faces a court-mandated deadline of today to enact regulations after a federal appellate court ruled the state’s prohibition unconstitutional.

If the full General Assembly overrides Quinn’s rewrite, gun owners will not be able to carry a concealed firearm without a valid concealed carry license issued by the Illinois State Police — a process that state police would have 180 days to develop. Possessing a valid Firearms Owner Identification Card, or FOID card, is not sufficient on its own to carry a concealed firearm, state police say.

The cost for the new concealed carry license would be $150 for five years for Illinois residents, under the legislation. Applicants also would have to complete 16 hours of firearms training, including classroom and range instruction, to qualify.

Perhaps now the  citizens in Chicago might have a fighting chance against the marauders who’ve overrun the city.

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One Response to “Today Illinois Enters the 21st Century: Last State in USA to Have Concealed Carry Laws”

  1. Funeral Guy on 9/09/13 at 6:48 pm

    If I were a resident of Illinois I wouldn’t be lighting the candles on the cake just yet. I live in Californa which is a “may issue” state as opposed to a “shall issue” state. The latter sets up uniform standards and if those standards are met the proper authority must issue the permit. In California it depends on who you know and who you blow. Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is notorious for only issuing to celebrities, cronys and campaign contributors. Jewelry store owner who transports large sums of money and gems? Sorry, you’re out of luck. Movie star? Here ya go. And the permits are not even recognized from county to county. It’s a total farce. Getting a CCW in Illinois? How do you think those permits are going to be parceled out?