The Science Used To Be Settled; Now It’s ‘Extremely Likely’ Mankind to Blame for Non-Existent Global Warming

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The frauds from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  have checked in today with the first in a three-part “exhaustive study” where thousands of so-called experts have concluded that’s it’s “extremely likely” mankind is to blame for something that isn’t happening. Oh, and to all you climate change deniers: Shut up.

Top climate scientists blamed mankind more clearly than ever as the main cause of global warming in a report on Friday meant to guide governments in dealing with rising temperatures, delegates said.

Calling man-made warming “extremely likely,” the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) used the strongest words yet on the issue as it adopted its assessment on the state of the climate system.

“It’s been accepted,” Jonathan Lynn, spokesman for the IPCC, told reporters of a final summary for policymakers approved at the end of the week-long meeting in Stockholm.

Um, no, it’s no accepted, no matter what you buffoons claim. Temperatures haven’t risen for 15 years, a finding that has shattered your credibility. Heck, at this point even the New York Times is suspicious. Yet despite the evidence, the reality deniers plod on, smug as ever.

IT HAS been a long time coming. But then the fifth assessment of the state of the global climate by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations body, was a behemoth of an undertaking. It runs to thousands of pages, involved hundreds of scientists and was exhaustively checked and triple-checked by hundredds of other boffins and government officials to whom they report—and whose policies are often based on what they read. The first tranche of the multi-volume report—an executive summary of the physical science—was released in Stockholm on September 27th. And it is categorical in its conclusion: climate change has not stopped and man is the main cause.

They can’t ever admit the truth as their years of sucking off governmental funding will be undoubtedly shown to be the scam that it is. All that traveling the globe, attending lavish conferences and living large would come to an end. And we can’t have that. So like we said, shut up, deniers! Hilariously, one of the main perpetrators of this hoax is still talking trash. The balls on this guy:

This time, however, climate-change deniers seem divided in their preferred contrarian narrative. Some would have us believe that the IPCC has downgraded the strength of the evidence and the degree of threat. Career fossil-fuel-industry apologist Bjorn Lomborg, in Rupert Murdoch’s “The Australian,” wrote on Sept. 16: “UN’s mild climate change message will be lost in alarmist translation.” On the other hand, serial climate disinformer Judith Curry, in a commentary for the same outlet five days later, announced, “Consensus distorts the climate picture.”

So, make up your mind, critics: Is it a “mild message” or a “distorted picture?” Consistency, they might well respond, is simply the “hobgoblin of little minds” after all — but in reality, that’s only if you ignore the foolishness.

Indeed, claims that members of the IPCC have downgraded their scientific confidence have been plentiful among the usual purveyors of climate-change misinformation: Fox News, the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and various conservative tabloids in the United States, Canada, Germany and Australia. Fox News even sought to mislead its viewers with a bait and switch, focusing attention instead on a deceptive, similarly named report that calls itself the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), which simply regurgitates standard shopworn denialist myths and erroneous talking points. That non-peer-reviewed report was published by the discredited industry front group known as the Heartland Institute in the lead-up to the publication of the actual IPCC report, presumably to divert attention from the actual scientific evidence.

Everyone else has a hidden agenda, but not this fraud Michael Mann. And in case you haven’t gotten the message, included is a cute polar bear to show the devastating effects of a wondrous imagination.


All you need to do is ignore the fact the Arctic ice sheet has grown by 920,000 square miles in the past year. Oops. Undaunted, famed hoaxster and amateur meteorologist Al Gore chimes in this morning.


Go pay Al a visit on Twitter. Not that he’ll ever respond, but it’s a cathartic exercise.

Update: Talk about exquisite timing.


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