The Politics of Contempt: Obama pivots for the 973rd time

Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 at 11:32 am

When somebody feels the need to describe his feelings as genuine, it’s a safe bet that they’re actually insincere. The alternative would be to assume that he is admitting to habitual insincerity–saying, in effect: Unlike all my other pronouncements, this one is genuine. But that poses a liar’s-paradox problem: A candid acknowledgment that one is habitually insincere would be inconsistent with the underlying reality of habitual insincerity.

Thus pure logic dictates that the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent was merely posturing when he tweeted this morning that he was “genuinely sad to see supposedly neutral news orgs mocking the idea of a ‘pivot’ to jobs.”

Actually, our (admittedly cursory) search turned up only one such org, ABC News, whose website yesterday featured the headline “Obama Pivots to Economy . . . Again.”

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