The ObamaCare Awakening: Americans are losing their coverage by political design

Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 at 10:48 am

For all of the Affordable Care Act’s technical problems, at least one part is working on schedule. The law is systematically dismantling the individual insurance market, as its architects intended from the start.

The millions of Americans who are receiving termination notices because their current coverage does not conform to Health and Human Services Department rules may not realize this is by design. Maybe they trusted President Obama’s repeated falsehood that people who liked their health plans could keep them. But Americans should understand that this month’s mass cancellation wave has been the President’s political goal since 2008. Liberals believe they must destroy the market in order to save it.

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One Response to “The ObamaCare Awakening: Americans are losing their coverage by political design”

  1. cindobindo on 2/02/13 at 4:30 am

    Anyone who thinks that you can force health insurance companies to cover pre existing c0nditions, AND eliminate ALL limits on benefits paid out, AND make it illegal to raise their rates without government permission, and they can still make enough money to stay in business, is IDIOTIC. Anyone can see that Obama don’t care was specifically designed to bankrupt the health insurance industry so that the federal government can become our sole health care provider, and we can confidently expect that they will do as well taking care of everyone’s medical needs as they have done with our veterans through the VA hospital or with our grandparents with Medicare. In other words, they will be TERRIBLE at it, and we can expect a decline in average life span. One MORE reason to despise our current government leaders, if one were needed.