The Ego Has Landed: Obama Claims Reporters Tell Him How Great His Ideas Are

Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 at 11:15 am

We haven’t heard a single idea from this buffoon that makes a lick of sense, but we don’t doubt his supine media lapdogs suck up to him whenever possible. Let’s put it this way: If Washington media is telling him his idea are great, you know they must be horrible.

“It’s interesting, in the run-up to this speech, a lot of reporters say that, well, Mr. President, these are all good ideas, but some of you’ve said before; some of them sound great, but you can’t get those through Congress. Republicans won’t agree with you,” Obama said.

Obama argued some Republicans privately agree with a lot of his ideas.

“I know because they’ve said so. But they worry they’ll face swift political retaliation for cooperating with me,” he said.

He just makes shit up and his compliant press pals regurgitate it. Notice he doesn’t name a single reporter or Republican he claims agrees with him. At his current rate of progress he’ll be about as popular as the media.

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