Stunner: More Congressional Republicans Own Guns Than Democrats

Posted by on Feb 05, 2013 at 12:29 pm

The meddling twits from Gannett apparently haven’t learned their lesson after one of their papers, the Journal News, published a list of gun permit holders in suburban New York recently. You would think since that attempt at intimidation backfired so disastrously they might reconsider their assault on the Second Amendment.

Undaunted, now they’re pestering members of Congress whether they own guns, even though such disclosure is not required. According to the number who’ve responded there are at least 119 Republicans and 46 Democrats who say they’re gun owners. Interestingly many who own guns have very poor ratings from the NRA.

The results show a partisan — and regional — divide. Only 10% of Republicans who responded said they do not own a gun, while 66% of Democrats said they are not gun owners.

Michael Hammond, legislative counsel of Gun Owners of America, said he’s not surprised. In Republican districts, a gun “is a campaign accoutrement,” he said.

Plotted on a map, the survey results speak to the cultural chasm between those districts where guns are a talisman of individualism and those where guns are viewed more as a criminal tool. Only 12 lawmakers from the Northeast, including Pennsylvania, said they own firearms, while 77 Southerners said they do.

Congress’ gun gap suggests that cultural factors are at least as important as the influence of the gun lobby in determining where members stand on President Obama’s package of gun control proposals.

It appears the number of gun-owning Republicans is on the low side since some of them told USA to go pound sand.

Others — overwhelmingly Southern Republicans — declined to answer, even suggesting it was “irresponsible” for reporters to ask the question.

Again there is a partisan split: 36 Republicans in the House refused to say whether they own guns; 11 Democrats refused to say. Across both the House and Senate, an additional 161 lawmakers did not return repeated phone calls, e-mails and requests for comment — 97 of those were Republicans.

Those wacky Republicans. How dare they maintain a semblance of privacy when you have so-called “journalists” sticking their nose into their business?

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