Students at Black College Lose Their Insurance: “It’s stupid and it’s Obama’s fault”

Posted by on Nov 16, 2013 at 2:50 pm

All we all know, any opposition to Obamacare is racist. And to think, these kids all voted for him.

Students at Bowie State University assailed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on Thursday after administrators cancelled a low cost school-wide health care plan due to new regulations in the law.

Many students told Campus Reform that the now cancelled plans, which provided coverage for just $50 per semester, were the only insurance they could afford.

“I can’t afford anything right now,” one said. “I can’t even afford my loans.”

“We don’t have that money,” said another. “We can barely afford books.”

Several students said that they felt they had been let down.

“It’s stupid and it’s Obama’s fault,” one said. “You haven’t done anything, Obama, and I’m disappointed in you.”

Thanks Obama! Really, it’s easy to poke fun at these kids, but they’re victims of the Democrats. Maybe as students they can learn about the real world and shed their ignorance. If they’re stupid enough to continue voting Democrat, theirs will be a bleak, miserable future.

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4 Responses to “Students at Black College Lose Their Insurance: “It’s stupid and it’s Obama’s fault””

  1. Common sense on 17/17/13 at 11:43 am

    So, Just FYI.
    Did 5 minutes of research and found that without any subsidies for that fact students make 0 money and likely qualify for a no cost plan….
    I was able to find several plans that are ACA compliant for $97 a month for these students. That’s less that I was paying as a student several years ago.

    Not saying it doesn’t suck they lost their $50 a semester plan, which likely covered nothing. But really? Can’t really say “I can’t afford it” when they likely have a cell phone ($100/mo) and the clothing isn’t exactly good will bought.

  2. Juan de la Salsa on 18/18/13 at 11:24 am

    OK so they were getting basic health insurance (probably catastrophic) for about $100/yr if they attended for 2 semesters.

    Poster above noted that a plan could be had now for $97/mo.

    If they’re going to school for about 10 months a year they spend $100 with the old plan vs. 12 months of coverage in Obamadoesntcare for $1164.

    That’s about 11Xs higher than the coverage they were previously paying for. Subsidies or not, that’s a lot higher for coverage they probably really don’t need.

    What happened to saving $2500/yr in premiums that Obama crowed about incessantly?

    Of course those of us with functioning brain cells knew that (and all of his other lies) was all bullshit.

    That’s the one thing Obama is very, very, very good at: Bullshit.

  3. Warthog on 18/18/13 at 11:39 am

    @Common sense
    Wait! You managed to successfully navigate the Obamacare website on behalf of strangers and *actually* got their subsides figured and *actually* go their payment information and *actually* got to the payment page?
    Unless you did all that (which makes you a website GOD) you can’t claim anything. What you read is advertising, it’s when you *actually* get to the cash register that the truth is revealed. You, in short, are a liar.

  4. James Felix on 18/18/13 at 12:47 pm

    I can’t help but think they could have avoided this situation if they’d taken a few minutes to learn about the issues instead of just voting for the guy that shares their skin color. Maybe, just maybe, that’ll be a lesson learned.