Stimulus bill architect: Yeah, only a tiny bit of it went to “shovel ready” projects

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Granted, it isn’t exactly news that most of  the stimulus bill money was wasted and what wasn’t had little effect, but it is surprising to see one of the people responsible for it concede this so blandly.

From there, Orzag goes on to offer some solutions to the state of our infrastructure which include — surprise! — more taxing (in the form of “user fees” for roads and bridges) and more spending (in the form of subsidies to state and local governments).

One simple point in response: As Orzag concedes upfront in his own column, this didn’t work the first time. The vast majority of the funds were sucked away elsewhere, leaving hardly a dent in the nation’s infrastructure deficit. Why wouldn’t this happen a second time? Orzag doesn’t even think to address the point.

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