Stephanie Cutter Attended WH Meetings With IRS Chief

Posted by on Jun 05, 2013 at 1:39 pm

Cutter became Obama’s deputy campaign manager in September 2011. Shulman, a Democratic donor, was IRS commissioner from March 24, 2008, to November 9, 2012. Cutter was an Obama attack dog during the 2012 campaign.

When she appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to defend the president’s new campaign slogan “Romnesia,” she went on to say that Republican nominee Mitt Romney was “severely conservative” and had run as the “ideal” Tea Party candidate.

She said this as she was sitting in meetings with the head of an IRS that was charged with implementation of ObamaCare as it was targeting groups that were created to oppose ObamaCare.

Though she denies it, Cutter was also deeply involved in the ads run by the pro-Obama super-PAC Priorities USA in which steelworker Joe Soptic recounted how his wife died of cancer after he lost his health insurance when his plant was shuttered after a takeover by Bain Capital and other companies working with Romney’s private equity firm.

Cutter appeared on CNN in August 2012 to say, among other things, that “I don’t know the facts” about the Soptic case, something she had to say since coordination between political campaigns and such issue-oriented groups is illegal. She lied.

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