Snowden in 2009: Those Who Leaks State Secrets “Should be Shot in the Balls”

Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 at 8:00 am

OK, then, give yourself up and we’re sure to have no shortage of folks happy to pull the trigger.

Years before he became the world’s most notorious leaker, Edward Snowden ranted online about how he hated people who spill secrets so much that he wanted to blast them in the private parts, it was revealed yesterday.

In 2009, the tech geek declared on a Web forum that groups such as WikiLeaks and The New York Times, which publish sensitive government information, “should be shot in the balls.”

Using the username TheTrueHOOHA, Snowden launched his attack on leakers on a tech-news Web site called Ars Technica, according to The Washington Post.

“Are they TRYING to start a war? Jesus christ,” he wrote. “You don’t put that s–t in the NEWSPAPER . . . That s–t is classified for a reason.’ ”

Snowden also talked about firearms, saying he owned a Walther P22, the same gun used by fictional superspy James Bond — and he “love[d] it to death.”

“I don’t intend to be in combat anytime soon,” Snowden said. “[But I] could still use it to put 10 tiny holes in important parts of a home invader if necessary though.”

Meanwhile yesterday it was revealed that the Justice Department bureaucrats botched the name of the spy-secrets leaker and made other boneheaded clerical errors on arrest documents.

Oh, gee, more bumbling incompetence by the Obama-Holder Justice Department? Whodathunkit?


One Response to “Snowden in 2009: Those Who Leaks State Secrets “Should be Shot in the Balls””

  1. Dogbert on 28/28/13 at 10:32 am

    Well, there are leaks and there are leaks. If I remember correctly, the NYT leaks undercut our operations against terrorists in another country. Snowden leaked information of an ongoing operation inside the U.S. which targets all citizens. All this story tells me is that Snowden understands the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution and the correct application of the Patriot Act. Good for him.