Service Academy Football Games to Proceed Despite Obama Shutdown

Posted by on Oct 03, 2013 at 7:41 am

Obama tried to shut these football games down merely for the optics, despite not having any authority to do so since they’re funded entirely outside the federal budget. Which should speak volumes about his motivation. So the games will go on.

Democrats hardest hit.

The football teams will be allowed to play because the games are paid for with non-appropriated funds, and have been long planned. Non-appropriated funds generally come from outside sources and are not approved through Congress.

Earlier in the day, Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk said he was optimistic the Pentagon would allow the games to be played.

He said the athletic department had provided information to Pentagon officials to assure them that no government funds will be spent on any aspect of the game. Gladchuk said a Navy home game brings in about $4 million from tickets, sponsorship, television and radio rights fees and other revenues such as parking and concessions. The game essentially pays for itself, he said.

Football revenue also funds Navy’s 32 other sports teams.

The Democrats want to punish anyone and everyone, but the media refuses to point this stuff out. They release polls claiming the GOP gets more blame than the Democrats (the margin is surprisingly small), but refuse to release the sample.  They don’t even hide the bias, so is it any wonder more people blame the GOP? It would help if the Republicans had better PR, but that’s systemic failure dating back decades.

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