Savage Animals Attack Newark Man and His 66-Year-Old Mother

Posted by on Dec 20, 2013 at 10:34 pm

Did we mention they were two-legged animals?

A 36-year-old Newark man and his 66-year-old mother were robbed and beaten on a Newark street over the weekend, according to a report on the website of WCBS-2.

Pablo Patrone and his mother, Olga Patrone were walking near the intersection of East Kinney and Van Buren streets on Saturday evening when they were attacked by three men who were apparently headed in the opposite direction. One of the assailants punched Olga Patrone and robbed her of cash and a cell phone, surveillance video shows.

While trying to come to his mother’s aid, Pablo Patrone was thrown to the ground and roughed up. The assailants also swiped a bag of groceries he was carrying before fleeing.

Obviously they were nutritionally-deprived. Twitter star Cory Booker was unavailable for comment.


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