Rutgers Students Expressing Sexual Desires via ‘RU Crushes’ Twitter Feed

Posted by on Apr 02, 2013 at 9:00 am

They may be in college but they appear to have the maturity level of your average sixth-grader.

Hooking up via social media is trending at Rutgers University.

Thousands of students are now expressing their romantic or sexual interest in each other with the help of a new Twitter handle – @RU_Crushes.

“I’ve wanted to bury my face in your chest since I met you,” states one follower. “You’re an angel and I want to change that.”

“I live right above you,” Tweets another, “but I would love to spend a night underneath you.”

“Is your name homework?” a follower asks a classmate. “Because I’m not doing you and I should be.”

@RU_Crushes works like this: Followers of the Twitter account submit their crushes on classmates to a website. If their submission meets the criteria, i.e. no more than 140 characters, their sentiment will be posted to the @RU_Crushes Twitter account.

The account tells followers: “Anonymously submit your crushes to and we’ll tweet them! Maybe your crush will see it, and you can thank me later.”

Here’s a current sampling from the page in all its juvenile glory.



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