Rush Limbaugh gives iPad to 13-year-old climate skeptic

Posted by on Apr 05, 2013 at 7:16 pm

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is giving an iPad to a 13-year-old who said he found evidence that human-induced global warming is a hoax through books at a local library.

“It was really easy for me to find this evidence, really easy,” said Alex, who called in to Limbaugh’s show from Wilmington, Ind. “I believe the reason that the liberals do not have the evidence is because they do not want the evidence, they do not want to hear that it is wrong.”

After Alex told Limbaugh that he went to the local library, Limbaugh replied: “I am surprised you find evidence of this at a library. That is heartening.” Limbaugh told Alex that if his parents agreed, he would send him an iPad.

“If there is anybody who would put one of those things to good use, that would be you, and it is light, it is portable, you can take it anywhere you want to go,” Limbaugh said. After getting permission, noted he was sending the device.

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