Robert Redford’s Sympathetic Portrayal of Domestic Terrorists Tanking Badly Upon Wider Release

Posted by on Apr 23, 2013 at 1:17 pm

Talk about exquisite timing. Just a few weeks ago this drivel was released in only five theaters while Robert Redford made the rounds, greeted by gushing media nitwits who slobbered how awesome this paean to domestic terrorists was.

George Stephanopoulos was so enthusiastic towards Robert Redford and his sympathetic new film about an ex-1960s radical that the actor enthused, “You ought to get on the marketing team!” The aging actor/director appeared on Tuesday’s Good Morning America and endorsed the violent actions of protest groups. Reminiscing on his own past, the liberal Hollywood star recounted, “When I was younger, I was very much aware of the movement. I was more than sympathetic, I was probably empathetic because I believed it was time for a change.”

After Stephanopoulos wondered, “Even when you read about bombings,” Redford responded, “All of it. I knew that it was extreme and I guess movements have to be extreme to some degree.”  Remarkably, after this well known actor endorsed violence and terrorism as a political tool, Stephanopoulos did not question the remark. Instead, he tossed a softball: “Do you come out of the experience with the same kinds of empathy that you had going in?”

So now that we’ve just experienced a fresh domestic terror attack using tactics remarkably similar to the Weather Underground, how is this doing at the box office? Miserably, to say the least.  Upon limited release in five theaters on the weekend of April 5-7, it took in $131, 718  for an average per theater of $26, 344, ranking 31 among movies shown that weekend. The next week, just prior to the Boston terror attack, the release expanded to 41 theaters but the average take was just $6,776. Fast forward to the this past weekend as America reeled from the attack and subsequent events on Friday. Now with an even wider release of 84 theaters, the take per theater was a pitiful $4,719. So over three weeks the gross is now at $950,482. That’s the good news. The bad news is there were enough Americans dumb enough to part with $396,385 total to see a love note to domestic terrorists just as the siege is Boston ended. I wonder how many of them were in this theater in Cambridge? Meanwhile, reviews have been mixed. But since this agitprop waxes nostalgic for Vietnam and the 60s, mark it down for some Oscar nominations next year, even though pretty much nobody will have seen it.

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4 Responses to “Robert Redford’s Sympathetic Portrayal of Domestic Terrorists Tanking Badly Upon Wider Release”

  1. Blue Hen on 23/23/13 at 1:30 pm

    Two things.

    1. It’s bombing. I hadda be the first to say it.
    2. A hollywood swell, a member of the 1% is on national TV, cheering on the death of innocent human beings.