Report: Terror Savages Start Blowing Themselves Up in Kenya Mall

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 at 8:04 am

Strange, but we haven’t been seeing many reports on what a peaceful religion Islam is in recent days. Give it time.

The Kenyan shopping mall where Islamic terrorists are holding shoppers hostage is on fire as and a fierce gun battle is underway as the special forces try to bring an end to the three day siege.

Witnesses say they have heard four large explosions at the Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi and it is feared gunman inside may blown themselves up in a suicide bomb attack.

Security forces say they have freed some but not all of the hostages.

Police chief David Kimaiyo said in a message on Twitter on the third day of the standoff: Thumbs up to our multi-agency team, we have just managed to rescue some hostages. We’re increasingly gaining advantage of the attackers.’

Thick clouds of dense black smoke billowed from the complex after a series of loud explosions and heavy gunfire.

The area around the mall was teeming with Kenyan soldiers and armoured personnel carriers, as emergency workers and reporters were told to take cover.

Ambulances were also seen accelerating towards the scene as aircraft flew overhead.

A Kenyan special forces officer said troops had moved in to end the siege with force.

‘I saw them only once, I could not see them much,” he said. “It was hide-and-seek, hide-and-seek, hide-and-seek. In the end we had to use full force, we had to finish with these guys.’

This morning it emerged that a British man had lost his wife and daughter in the massacre while a prize winning architect, who had joint British and Australian nationality was also among the dead.

The Foreign Office confirmed today that four Britons have now been killed in the atrocity.

Ross Langdon, 33,  was killed alongside his heavily pregnant Dutch partner Elif Yavuz. The malaria specialist was just two weeks away from giving birth.

Kenyan troops have moved in to end the siege but spokesman for terror group Al Shabaab Ali Mohamud Rage said in a statement posted on an Islamist website that those held inside will ‘bear the brunt of any force’ used by soldiers against the militants.

Slaughtering pregnant women. Lovely people. Reports have surfaced, meanwhile, that “Americans” are involved.

Kenyan officials said Sunday that while “most” of the hostages had been freed after a major assault had been launched on the mall, an unknown number of people were still being held by up to 10 to 15 militants inside a supermarket in the shopping complex.

Meanwhile, the FBI and U.S intelligence officials are “aggressively” investigating whether or not Americans were among the militants who attacked the mall, a federal law enforcement source told Fox News.

Roughly 50 to 200 hostages remain and most of them were hiding in throughout the mall, Fox News confirms. They are not being held by the hostage-takers. There are between 10 to 15 militants currently inside the mall, with at least one being female.

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2 Responses to “Report: Terror Savages Start Blowing Themselves Up in Kenya Mall”

  1. judgeroybean on 23/23/13 at 8:56 pm

    Silver lining around grey cloud. Maybe Kenyans otta follow Russia’s example and mercilessly go after terrorist’s followers. They need to be taught a lesson. Make sure it is fierce, brutal, painful, and immediate.